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Fukuoka's Cat Island Called Ainoshima

Ainoshima island cat

Japan has several cat islands, but if you are in Kyushu there’s one quite close to Fukuoka called Ainoshima.

It is a tiny island where about 300 people and 100 cats live together.

Ainoshima residents

The island is located a 20 minute ferry ride away from Shingu Port and is an ideal day trip from Fukuoka.

In 2013, Ainoshima was selected as one of the “6Cat Spots in the world” by the United States news channel

Most of the cats on the island are friendly and residents leave them to live freely and naturally as feral cats.

The cats of Ainoshima

Ainoshima Island Has Lots to Visit

The island is small and it is worth exploring the 5,4 km road that loops around the island.

You can visit some famous places, such as Ainoshima Tumuli (stone burial mounds), the arched Hanagurise rock formation and several ancient shrines.

Ainoshima island

How to Get to Ainoshima Island

★How to get to Ainoshima from Fukuoka?

From Hakata Station, take a train to Fukkodai-mae Station by the JR Kagoshima line.

When you arrive at Fukkodai-mae Station, go to the 1st floor and take the 100 yen community bus to Shingu Port.

The ferry to Ainoshima Island takes about 20 minutes and costs 480 yen each way.

★Attention! Tips for visitors:

- Don’t feed the cats

- Don’t leave any trash

- Don’t enter private residential areas

- Keep the environment clean.

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