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About Us

Welcome to the HIS JAPAN PREMIUM FOOD & TRAVEL Online Shop.

We believe food is a doorway to cultural understanding.
To eat Japanese food is to experience Japanese culture. It’s another way to travel to Japan.

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, every region of Japan has its own world-class cuisine. Championing local producers, we are committed to sharing their passion and traditional manufacturing methods with our customers in Europe. We also provide packages that combine real experiences, such as factory and farm tours in Japan.

We offer a selection of high-quality, ‘Japan Premium’ food. We hope that your journey to Japan through food inspires you to experience the real thing with a trip to Japan.

At JAPAN PREMIUM FOOD & TRAVEL, we are committed to providing Japanese ‘OMOTENASHI’ hospitality.


HIS is a Japanese travel agency founded in 1980 in Tokyo. As of September 2021, it has 170 offices in 118 cities throughout 61 countries, as well as 163 offices in Japan.

In Europe, HIS has a network of 18 offices in 10 countries along with the JAPAN PREMIUM FOOD & TRAVEL retail shops in the following cities; (SHOP LIST)


At JAPAN PREMIUM, we are committed to bringing authentic Japanese food to Europe.
With this in mind, at HIS we carefully select and import premium products directly from Japan, hence the name JAPAN PREMIUM.

With cooperation from Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  (MAFF), we exclusively sell handpicked products made available by passionate local producers. We deliver these products directly from Japan to your home.


Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink that has been enjoyed since ancient times. Throughout history, sake has been an integral part of ceremonies and rituals and, over the years, has become a popular drink throughout the world. Sake pairs well with not just Japanese cuisine, but also with a variety of European cuisine.

Under the supervision of Natsuki Kikuya, a sake sommelier based in London, we offer a carefully selected range of sake, including ones that have never made their way into Europe until now. We are able to do this through our own purchasing channels with the support of local producers.

Whether you are a first time sake drinker or looking for a specific grade of sake, we have something for you.


A cup of tea has the power to soothe the body and soul. There are many types of green teas in Japan, each with their own healing effect.

When preparing Japanese tea, the temperature of the water depends on the type of tea leaf. The tea is enjoyed on its own, without sugar, milk, lemon or honey. This traditional Japanese way of drinking tea allows you to enjoy it in its purest form. Take a moment to relax and appreciate the tea’s subtle taste and aroma.

We offer a wide range of Japanese teas to suit every moment.



Washoku (wa=Japanese, shoku=cuisine) would not be the same without the rich variety of produce made possible by Japan’s climate and terrain that stretches from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Japan’s four distinct seasons - or five if we were to include the early-summer monsoons - yield produce unique to each region. Chefs can take advantage of this vast range of regional produce, a result of the varying climates and altitudes encountered from one end of the country to the other. This diversity and range is reflected in Japanese cuisine.
The vegetables grown in Japanese soil owe their excellent flavour to a naturally abundant supply of high-quality soft water, and also to the selective cultivation process that enhances the taste as much as it increases the yield.

We deliver fresh premium Japanese vegetables to you directly from Japan.


『Honba No Honmono』 - The labelling standard to protect and nurture the rich food culture of each region of Japan.

- Proof of the producers' commitment to local ingredients and manufacturing methods
“Honba No Honmono” is a label affixed to local products. It attests to the authenticity of the product and its commitment to using local ingredients and manufacturing processes. The “Honba No Honmono” label is awarded only to select food products in a specific geographical area.
The term "local ingredients" refers to the ingredients chosen by industry organisations or authorised certifiers who set their own standards for each product. The specifics are published in accordance with regional food brand labelling standards.

- Proof of authenticity
The criteria set by industry organisations and authorised certifiers are examined by a jury of experts set up by the Japan Food Industry Association. Once a product is certified, it is labelled a “Honba No Honmono” product.

After certification, a third-party organisation verifies that the product meets the standards annually. With this verification process, the label is recognised as a link between consumers looking for genuine local products and manufacturers who are committed to producing such products.

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