Jyugoya - Moon viewing in Japan

Moon viewing

In Japan, Jyugoya is also called "Chushu-no-meigetsu", or Mid-Autumn Moon in English, and is known as a moon-viewing day to enjoy the beautiful full moon.

August 15th of the lunar calendar is said to be the "Mid-Autumn" because in the lunar calendar from July to September is autumn.  In 2021, "Mid-Autumn" is September 21st on the Gregorian calendar.

There are similar events, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Tsukimi Dango

In Japan, we offer “Tsukimi Dango”, sweet rice dumplings to thank for the harvest of crops and pray for a good harvest for the future. The round shaped tsukimi dumplings are likened to the full moon, therefore we offer 15 dumplings on August 15th.

Tsukimi Udon

In addition to Tsukimi Dango, hamburgers, noodles and sweets with the motif of Tsukimi are sold in Japan during this period.

Bunny motif sweet dumplings

Enjoy eating delicious Tsukimi food and seeing the beautiful moon on this day!


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