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Scenic spots in Tohoku - 📍Lake Towada, Aomori

View of Lake Towada

About the lake

Lake Towada is located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures, and is one of the must-visit spots in  the Tohoku region.

The lake reflects the sky and the surrounding mountains. The vast open air will make you feel recharged and refreshed. 

Lake Towada sunset

Popular times to go to Lake Towada

Visitors can enjoy beautiful views throughout the four seasons. Autumn is an especially popular time to visit, as the colours are exceptionally beautiful with the red and orange leaves in both  Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge, the only river that flows out of the lake.

Lake Towada in autumn

In this area, there is the beautiful Towada Lakeside Onsen as well. With all there is to do and see, a trip to Lake Towada is well worth a visit. 

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