Giant fruit on the national highway?! -📍 Fruit Bus Stop, Nagasaki

Melon bus stop

Cute huge fruits suddenly appear on the national highway.

These are bus stops located mainly along the national highway 207 on the way from the center of Isahaya city, Nagasaki to Saga prefecture.

The reason for setting up these fruit bus stops was the Nagasaki Travel Expo held in 1990. These were developed by Konagai Town to let visitors know about local specialties and enjoy the town.

Two of the fruit bus stops

The idea came from the "magic pumpkin carriage" that appears in the Grimm fairy tale "Cinderella."

They have windows and chairs, they are so cute, aren't they?

There are 5 types of fruits such as strawberry, melon, mandarin orange, etc., which are special products of Konagai Town. You can find 16 fruit bus stops.  The road is nicknamed "Tokimeki Fruit Bus Stop Street".

When you come here, enjoy delicious fruits and take pictures!

Orange bus stop

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