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The Oki Islands - hidden in the Sea of Japan

Oki islands scenery

At the start of the Kojiki, the oldest Japanese text, the gods Izanagi and Izanami created “Oki no Mitsugonoshima” which are now known as the Oki islands.

Overview of the Oki islands

Information about the Oki Islands

Oki is a group of islands in Shimane Prefecture, located in the northern sea of Shimane Peninsula. They are among the most mythical and unexplored places in Japan.

The area is recognised as a UNESCO World Geopark and the islands have one of the most unusual landscapes in the world, formed by unique ecosystems alongside human activity. You can see plants and creatures that live all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. This is a unique characteristic of the Oki Islands that makes it a microcosm of geological & biological formations.

Oki islands landscape

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