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The King of Winter: Matsuba Crab đź“ŤTottori Prefecture

Fresh Matsuba crab

Matsuba crabs come from Japan’s San-in region and are one of Tottori's most popular winter delicacies. Learn the different ways it is eaten and how it tastes.

Matsuba crabs are male snow crabs that come from the San-in region of Japan.

They are one of Tottori's most popular winter delicacies, with their tightly packed meat and elegant flavour.

Whole Matsuba crab

Matsuba crab is usually eaten boiled, but it can also be eaten in kani-sukiyaki style (thinly sliced and cooked/simmered at the table in a shallow iron pot, together with other ingredients), zosui style (rice porridge), or grilled. Besides the body, tomalley (crab fat) is also a popular delicacy. You can also eat it as sashimi if it is fresh. Its thick texture and unique sweetness are simply the best!

Enjoy the exquisite Matsuba Crab in Tottori during winter.


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