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Beautiful nature at the foot of Mt. Yoro - 📍Yoro Park, Gifu

Mt. Yoro area

Yoro Park is a large area  filled with beautiful nature. It is located at the foot of Mt. Yoro in the Seino area (south-west) of Gifu prefecture.

By November, the autumn leaves are in full bloom on the walking path to the Yoro Falls.

At Yoro Park, there is a lot to do

The  “Kikusuisen” that springs up here is really clear, rich in minerals and  touted as one of the 100 best waters in Japan.


The name "Yoro" comes from the legend that drinking the water has a healing effect.

In addition to the waterfall, there is "Kodomo no Kuni Children’s park", " The Site of Reversible Destiny", a golf course, tennis courts, and camp sites in the park, so all ages can enjoy their time there.

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