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Tanzan Shrine, famous for Coup D’etat Planning

Tanzan Shrine pagoda

Tanzan Shrine is located in Sakurai City, in the centre of Nara Prefecture.

It is also known as the place where Prince Chudai-ni and Kamatari Nakatomi planned the coup d'etat of the "Taika-no-Kaishin". This is very famous in Japanese history and happened around 1,380 years ago.

The shrine is also where Imperial prince Nakano Oe no Oji and Kamatari Nakatomi planned the coup d'etat of the Taika Reform.


Tanzan Shrine lanterns

It  is also known as the "Nikko Toshogu of the West," and the contrast between the world's only wooden thirteen-story pagoda and the autumn leaves is very impressive.

Tanzan Shrine is the No.1 Autumn Colour Spot in Nara

By November, the autumn leaves are in full bloom.

Each year, a maple leaf festival is held from mid-November, and you can enjoy the ‘light-ups’ (trees being lit up with coloured lights at night) of the maple leaves.

Please visit Tanzan Shrine during the autumn season!

The best time to see the autumn leaves is mid-November to early December.

Autumn foliage

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