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A Sendai specialty: Mapo Yakisoba - đź“ŤSendai, Miyagi

Mapo yakisoba

When you think of Sendai's specialties, what do you think of? It is possible some of you might say gyutan (beef tongue). However, there are two more specialties in Sendai. 

Let’s introduce you to one of them! 

It's mapo yakisoba (mapo stir-fried noodles)! This dish was created in 1970 as a Sendai's specialty dish, and in 2013, it was featured as one of Sendai's soul foods. The crunchy fried noodles and the moderate spiciness of the mapo tofu really go well together! Mapo yakisoba can be found at any restaurant with a certified restaurant flag, as shown in the photo below. The photo shows a restaurant called "Red Dragon," recommended by the citizens of Sendai.


Mapo yakisoba restaurant

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