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The Yoshinogari Historical Park Archaeological Site

View over Yoshinogari Historical Park

Yoshinogari Historical Park is the largest and most significant Yayoi Period archaeological site in Japan. It is the best place to learn, feel, and experience ancient life in the country.

They date from about 300 BC to 300 AD. Measuring around 40 hectares, it is Japan’s largest moat-encircled historical settlement.

Village storehouse

The Yoshinogari Historical Park Buildings

In Yoshinogari Historical Park, there are around 98 restored buildings and fences of the time with the purpose of recreating Yayoi period life. It includes a watchtower 12 metres in height, that you can climb to look out over the whole village, and a large main building thought to be used  for meetings and rituals.

Large main building thought to be used for meetings and rituals

Other Yoshinogari Historical Park Attractions

This site has plenty of other attractions too. Visitors can feel like they are going back in time by experiencing various things, such as making magatama jewellery, fire-starting, making clay ocarinas and more.

There is a play area for children, and even a BBQ area.

The facilities are perfect for learning about the history of Japan, or just for having fun with family and friends.

As a bonus, a wonderful light show is held every December at Yoshinogari Historical Park.


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