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The Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

Kurashiki river

About Kurashiki 

In the centre of Kurashiki city, the old town of the Edo period still remains and is called the "Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter".

You can get there by walking along the Kurashiki River south from the JR station. It is the tourism centre of the area.

Historical Quarter

What to do in Kurashiki

The area is a designated area of conservation, although about 200 households still live there.

There are galleries, variety stores and cafes that have been renovated while retaining the harmony of the old history and culture.


Traditional buildings

During the Edo period, the Kurashiki River was crowded with the traffic of river boats loaded with supplies. Whereas in the modern day you can enjoy the calmer atmosphere aboard a sightseeing river boat.

Please come and enjoy the unique atmosphere on a Kawafune river boat!


Kawafune (river boat)

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