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Japanese Sake Series: Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

Chiyomusubi Brewery

High quality ingredients, a rigorous brewing process, and strong ties to its region all contribute to creating this internationally renowned Japanese sake.

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery was founded, and started brewing sake, in Agarimichi town, Tottori Prefecture, in the first year of Keio during the Edo period (1865). The word “CHIYOMUSUBI” means “eternal ties with people”. It also represents love and celebration.  “Creation of happiness” is the brewery’s  management philosophy, which is both for its customers and other people involved with Chiyomusubi. They focus, first and foremost, on bringing out the best flavour. A rich taste, gentle aroma, and smoothness form the basic criteria Chiyomusubi strives for in their sake’s flavour..

Surrounded by the great environment of  Tottori prefecture, by making fermented drinks like sake and shochu with safe and genuine ingredients, they want to contribute to the happiness of people all over the world.

Historic images of Chiyomusubi


Chiyomusubi’s essential ingredients

Brewing sake

Tottori prefecture is surrounded by abundant nature and is blessed with high-quality water and rice. Chiyomusubi brewers appreciate the environment where the best conditions for sake brewing are met, and utilise  carefully selected local ingredients.

Quality rice

The rice comes directly from rice farmers, most of whom are from  Tottori prefecture. The main types used for brewing are “Goriki”, “Yamadanishiki”, and “Gohyakumangoku”. And great importance is given to the relationships built with these farmers.

Goriki rice

“Goriki”(meaning “strong power”) is special sake rice cultivated only in Tottori prefecture where the Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery is located. But this rice is challenging to grow, with production once halted  due to its difficulty. Yet, Goriki’s cultivation saw a resurgence in the 1980’s. Now, Goriki is cultivated only by specially registered farmers to preserve its purity. Sake made from Goriki has a very unique character. It’s known for its rich taste, gentle aroma, and for how well it ages. Chiyomusubi is proud to produce sake made from Goriki.

Mountain water

Clear mountain water

The water used in production is the local natural water which springs up in Daito-cho at the foot of the remote Chugoku Mountains. Every day during the brewing season, brewers go to the water spring in the depths of the mountains, which takes about 3 hours round trip. The quality of the water is slightly soft, matching well the sake’s flavours.


Chiyomusubi sake

Chiyomusubi has received numerous awards at sake contests and appraisals. Due to its mellow and profound taste, the brewery receives orders from Asia, the United States, and Europe, and it is beginning to be drunk in other countries as well. Following the company slogan, Chiyomusubi brewers wish you happiness and eternal ties by drinking their sake.


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