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Autumn in Daisetsuzan National Park - đź“ŤHokkaido


Daisetsuzan National Park

The beautiful autumn leaves of Hokkaido

Daisetsuzan is known as the place with the earliest autumn leaves in Japan.

Daisetsuzan is located in northern Hokkaido, and refers to  a group of the highest mountains in Hokkaido such as Mt. Asahidake, Mt. Kurodake, and Mt. Aka  It is the largest national park in Japan. Daisetsuzan is a popular mountain for climbing and sightseeing, but is also known as the earliest spot for autumn leaves in Japan. It begins with the colourful autumn leaves of the alpine plants that grow in the alpine zone, at an altitude of 2000 metres. You can reach the summit by ropeway and enjoy magnificent views.



When to visit Daisetsuzan

The leaves begin to change colour from the top of the mountain around the end of August, and it takes about a month for the changing colours to fall to the foot of the mountain in Daisetsuzan. The best time to see the autumn leaves is from the beginning of September to the beginning of October.

Autumnal view

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