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A nature-rich treasure trove of food and tourism - đź“ŤHamamatsu City

Onsen on the water’s edge

Hamamatsu City is located in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture, and is rich in nature with access to the sea, mountains, and lakes.

You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons at sightseeing spots such as Hamamatsu Flower Park, Hamamatsu Castle, and Hamanako(Lake Hamana), which are suitable for visiting throughout the year.

Hamamatsu Castle

Thanks to the abundance of nature, there are various kinds of seafood such as eels, torafugu (pufferfish), and shirasu (whitebait), as well as a variety of earth-grown foods and mountain foods in this region. It's also the number one producer of oranges in Japan. "Mikkabi Mikan" and "Topia Mikan" produced around Hamanako are famous. Hamamatsu is truly a treasure trove of good food!

Variety of Hamamatsu’s produce

The city isn’t just great as a tourist hotspot, but is also home to world-famous Japanese technologies and products such as "Suzuki" and "Honda" that produce compact cars and motorcycles, and "Yamaha" that produced Japan's first domestic piano.

Don’t miss out, and put this city with so much to offer on your list of places to visit!

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