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Katsuo-ji Temple is a famous spot for autumn leaves

Katsuouji view with Daruma

Katsuo-ji Temple is the best place to see autumn leaves in Osaka Prefecture. The autumn leaves are usually best seen in November.

Omikuji (fortune-telling slips) are in the shape of a daruma at this temple. Also, this temple has a lot of fortune-telling daruma statues on the temple grounds that make for great photo opportunities.

Giant Daruma

Daruma Dolls at Katsuo-ji Temple

Do you know what a daruma doll is?At first, the eyes are completely white and you must colour in a (black) pupil in the left eye while making a wish. When your wish comes true, you complete it by colouring in the pupil of the right eye.

There are many daruma dolls that have been returned to the temple as a thank-you after their owner’s wishes came true.

If you come here, we recommend souvenirs, such as Mino's famous maple tempura and daruma goods.


Katsuouji’s Daruma goodies

On weekends during the autumn leaves season, there is an extra bus that goes directly from Senri-chuo Station as it is a popular time to visit. On weekends and evenings, you can also enjoy the illuminations.

Please come and take pictures with daruma-san!

Best time to see the autumn leaves: mid-November to early December

Illumination season: usually in November (please check for exact dates)

Katsuouji autumn leaves

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