The City of Glass - 📍Toyama City, Toyama

Toyama glass art cups

Toyama City is famous for glass arts.

There are glass-related facilities gathered at the "Glass Art Hills Toyama" in the Kureha area. 
As a part of this, "Toyama Glass Studio" is an activity base for glass artists who connect technology and art, industry, and culture: a place showing the charm of new art, where visitors can enjoy workshops and performances by glass artists.

Glass art workshop

At the workshop, you can choose the shape, color, and design yourself, and with the support of the studio staff, you can try your hand at making paperweights, blown glass and other seasonal experiences.

Of course, you can purchase the works of Toyama's unique artists, and you can also see how the works are created at the studio.

Glass art works for sale

Why don't you try making your own glass work at Toyama Glass Studio?

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