Introduction of Ootsubo Shuzo (Ootsubo Sake Brewery)

Ootsubo Sake Brewery

Ootsubo Sake Brewery is a long-established brewery founded in the 13th year of the Tenpo period (1843), that has always valued the taste of traditional handmade sake. Our brewery is based in Kamioka.

Kamioka-cho, Hida City is located on the border of Toyama Prefecture in the northern part of Hida City, and is a city with many slopes surrounded by mountains. In addition, since the development of the Mozumi Silver Mine during the Yoro period (Nara period), it has prospered as a mining district that produces lead and zinc. 

In recent years, the mining town has been attracting worldwide attention as a city at the forefront of space science that "searches for the mysteries of the universe from the ground." Professor Emeritus Masatoshi Koshiba received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his research results at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research at the University of Tokyo. 

Nature of Kamioka

Due to this natural environment and the prosperity of mines, Kamioka Town, Hida City has a unique culture and landscape. At first glance, it looks like a town you can find anywhere, but when you walk around, it is also a "town with a mysterious nostalgia."

Seasonal sake

Inspired by this environment, our "Sweet Hida Musume" and "Dry Kamidai" are sakes that are beloved as two local staples in the area. In addition, many sake fans look forward to the seasonal "Ginjo Kamidai Sumi," "Winter Gomori," and even "Dahan Shibori Sake."

In recent years, the pure rice sake "Kira no Shizuku", made with Koshihikari "Golden Glitter" rice in Oku Hida has been very popular, and is a limited edition sake that is often sold out. 

Inside the brewery

Ootsubo Sake Brewery has the philosophy of "making sincere products that are not swept away by the times", and we hope to continue to maintain our sincere attitude and passion, as well as our deep connection to Hida Kamioka.

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