Introduction of Ono Shuzo (Ono Brewery)

Ono brewery installation

Yufuin is located in the center of Oita Prefecture. It is one of the best hot spring tourist destinations in Japan, and is surrounded not only by hot spring sources, but also by beautiful untouched nature. Our hometown also has abundant ‘regular’ water sources and is blessed with a wide variety of agricultural products. We can be proud of the raw materials that have been nurtured by the rich climate. Therefore, we think that making delicious foods and drinks to the best of our ability, is the ultimate way to maximize the characteristics and not spoil the great quality of the material. The same applies to the technologies and tools that we have inherited, and we think we must work hard to showcase them.

The beauty of Yufuin

In this spirit we operate our brewery, founded in 1897. Although we’re only a little family-run country brewery, we manufacture a small amount of vacuum-distilled barley shochu, atmospheric-distilled barley shochu, and liqueur, using raw materials from the prefecture to make heartwarming alcohol. We firmly adhere to the old manufacturing methods and try to brew alcohol with a warm taste that is nostalgic. 

We make carefully hand-crafted shochu, which can only be made on a small scale, and we are proud of the complex taste and fragrance that can only be made by Ono Brewery. The sweetness and aroma of Hadaka barley, and the deep richness it adds to the shochu; it has a strong sweetness that is comparable to that of Imo-jochu, and a delicate and fragrant aroma unique to barley. Our liqueurs are made with fresh local fruits.

Ono brewery’s products

Through our work, we should be able to express the taste of our hometown. We hope that the products will make you feel nostalgic and warm as if you were back in your own hometown, too.

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