Introduction of Gassan Shuzo (Gassan Sake Brewery)

Gassan’s sake

Gassan Sake Brewery was founded in 1972 in the current location of Honshu’s Yamagata prefecture, with the aim of further improving our sake quality. Our brewery is located at the foot of Mt. Gassan, a beautiful sacred mountain surrounded by plentiful nature. The company slogan is: "Snow, green and famous water sake brewery", with the representative brand being ‘Ginrei Gassan’.

Gassan Brewery’s essential ingredients

Area surrounding Gassan

Gassan, the main peak of Mt. Dewa, is one of the areas in the prefecture with the heaviest snowfall. With perennial snow that appears even in the middle of summer, everything becomes buried in the snow that reaches up to the roof in winter. This dignified and severe cold that covers the sake brewery enhances the aroma of sake and brings out a clear yet deep taste.

With the vast virgin beech forest in the background, you can see pretty alpine plants up close at Gassan. Rich rice fields spread out at the foot of the mountain. The brewers also worked on rice cultivation, and the highly refined sake rice that is grown here is the origin of our beautiful sake.

Famous water
Gassan's icecap meltwater is the "famous water" that travels underground and springs up at the foot of the mountain after about 400 years. "Gassan's underground water", one of the 100 best waters in Japan, is used to brew our sake.

Gassan brewery

We use the mentioned high quality rice and clean water to brew "Ginrei Gassan". In this dignified and harsh cold where the winter snows cover the sake brewery, the brewers focus their bodies and minds to perfect sake brewing. By adding new technology to traditional by-hand techniques, we will deliver delicious sake that everyone can enjoy comfortably.

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