Indulge in the most wild nature - đź“ŤDaisekirinzan, Okinawa

Daisekirinzan view

Daisekirinzan, Yambaru National Park, is the best spot to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in nature. You’ll see many holy places, precious terrain, and various endemic animals and plants often described in the Okinawan myths. 

Gajumaru Banyan trees

With just 60 to 90 minutes of trekking, you will find yourself on an amazing journey. “Gajumaru Course” is our recommendation, we are pretty sure you’ll take gorgeous pictures with huge Gajumaru Banyan trees.

Close to a Gajumaru Banyan tree

These trees hang down their roots from the branches, and eventually they will reach the soil to get nourishment. However, when the spots no longer offer proper sustenance to the tree, they will instinctively make their air roots grow in another direction. Thus within dozens of years, the tree could be located in a different position. For this reason, this tree is also called "the walking tree". No wonder that Okinawan people believed the "gajumaru" to be something supernatural!

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