Colorful Artistic Hot Springs - 📍Dogo Onsen, Ehime

Dogo Onsen main building

Dogo Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan, mentioned in mythology.

The main building of Dogo Onsen is the symbol of Dogo Onsen area, and a public bathhouse designated as a national important cultural property. Now, It is covered with this colorful cover due to the seismic reinforcement construction.

Dogo Onsen building roof cover

The front of the building is still under construction, and only the back of the building has been uncovered (as of November 16, 2021).

Even during the construction, the onsen is still open for business, so you can take a bath.

Dogo Onsen building cover

The new landmark of Dogo Onsen is "Dogo Onsen Annex Asukano Onsen Asuka no Yu". It's also so colorful! The beautiful flower paintings are the work of famous artist Mika Ninagawa.

The white-painted Jizo statue at Enmanji Temple, a power spot for romance, is a must-see in Dogo Onsen.

Dogo Onsen Asuka no Yu

Many people visit here because it's very rare that the main building of Dogo Onsen is under construction. This construction has about two years left, so don't miss it!

The seismic reinforcement construction: until 2024 (planned)

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