Autumn Medicinal Cuisine - 📍Toyama Yakuzen, Toyama

Medicinal cuisine

Do you know the history of Toyama's medicine sales?
It is an old history that started from the middle of the Edo period.

Masatoshi Maeda, the second feudal lord of the Toyama domain, was known as a researcher of medicinal herbs. When he gave the Hangontan (a medicine that works for the stomach) to Terusue Akita who had abdominal pain, the latter got healed immediately. This episode spread and Toyama’s medicine sales proceeded all over the country.

Ikedaya Yasubei Shoten

“Ikedaya Yasubei Shoten” in Toyama City began manufacturing medicine after the war, and has revived Etchu Hangontan as a new form of medicine that can work for modern people, and has inherited that spirit.

In addition to selling medicines, they also serve medicinal foods and herbal teas at restaurants.

Cooking using fresh vegetables from Toyama is not only gentle to the body, but also makes for stunning visuals.

Medicinal dishes

Please enjoy seasonal medicinal dishes and herbal tea that suits your physical condition and taste.

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