Autumn leaves in the lake- 📍Lake Notoro, Hokkaido

Autumn at lake Notoro

Autumn is the season for autumn leaves. In the Okhotsk region of Hokkaido, a little unusual place turns red. Do you know where it is?

The place is a "lake".

Best colony of coral grass

The wetlands of Lake Saroma and Lake Notoro, which are close to the Sea of Okhotsk, turn bright red in autumn. However, the autumn leaves here are not the maples and ginkgo trees that you often see. It is a plant called "coral grass or Salicornia europaea". Lake Notoro is famous as the best colony of coral grass in Japan. In autumn, you can see the crimson coral grass. 

You can walk to the middle of the coral grass that spreads all over on the promenade.

When you visit Hokkaido in autumn, please go to see the deep red coral grass.

Coral grass close-up

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