Village of Scarecrows - 📍Iya, Tokushima

Scarecrows hanging out

Iya, one of the three most unexplored areas in Japan, is located right in the middle of Shikoku. There is a village in the mountains called "Scarecrow Village" in the Nakoro district of Higashi Iya, the far side of the Iya area.

Iya area

The scarecrows can be found working in the rice fields or on the roadside, socializing with neighbors around a farmhouse, or attending a wedding at the community center. You will be surprised because scarecrows are everywhere in this village, as if they were living there.

Scarecrows ‘working’ the land

The village's older ladies started making scarecrows because the number of villagers decreased. Now, there are about 350 scarecrows, more than the number of residents.

It takes about an hour to travel from Oboke Station on the JR Dosan Line, deep into the mountains, along a narrow road. On the way, you will see the Kazura Bridge in Iya and the Ochiai area where many old houses still remain. You can also enjoy a local specialty, Iya soba, for lunch.

Gathering of scarecrows

Please come and meet the scarecrows!

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