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Girl in kimono

In Japan, you will find children wearing kimonos in this season. Because there is an event called "Shichigosan".

Shichigosan is an event to pray for the safe growth of children at the age of 7, 5, and 3 years old. The word "Shicihigosan" comes from the celebrating ages of 7, 5, and 3. It's derived from the rituals held in the Imperial Palace during the Heian period and the Kamakura period.

It’s customary to go to the shrine where the local god, Ujigami, is located to pray with a child in a kimono, thank him for their successful growth, and pray for their healthy growth in the future.

Fully dressed up

The day of Shichigosan is November 15, but some people do it from September to December. In addition to visiting shrines, many people take commemorative photos at photo studios.

If you see a child in a cute kimono at this period, it will be good to give them words of congratulations!

Boy in kimono

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