Sanuki Udon - đź“ŤKagawa

Udon with tempura

Do you like udon?

There are various types of udon all over Japan, but one of the most famous is "Sanuki udon".

Sanuki udon is the specialty in Kagawa prefecture and is so famous that it is synonymous with Kagawa prefecture and the area is called "Udon prefecture".

Udon being made

The biggest feature of Sanuki udon is its chewiness. It’s soft when you put it in your mouth, and it is chewy when you chew it.

There are various types of Sanuki udon such as kake udon, bukkake udon, zaru udon and kamaage udon. Bukkake udon is the most typical type of the bunch. You can also enjoy it in various other ways such as putting tempura and eggs on it, and eating it with cold noodles as well as hot noodles.

Hot udon

Currently, there are over 600 udon restaurants in Kagawa prefecture. When you visit Kagawa, please go around some udon shops and find your favorite.

Udon with sides

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