New Year's Udon noodles will bring you luck! - 📍Kagawa

New Year's udon

Kagawa Prefecture is known for its many udon restaurants. New Year's udon is a pure white udon that is eaten at the beginning of the year (January 1-15) to wish for a happy new year.

Incidentally, the Japanese traditional New Year’s soup dish ‘Ozoni’ in Kagawa Prefecture is served with round-shaped mochi rice cakes with red bean jam filling. The soup is made with dried sardines, white miso, and vegetables such as daikon and carrots are added. This is also a local dish standing out with the white of the white miso and the red of the red vegetables and fish cakes.

Kagawa style Ozoni

Please visit Kagawa to try the real Sanuki udon (or Ozoni)!

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