Kagoshima’s treasure - 📍Sengan-en Japanese Garden, Kagoshima

Some of the traditional buildings at Sengan-en

What is potentially the main attraction of the city is the Sengan-en, a vast Japanese garden with splendid views of the bay and Sakurajima (volcanic island in the bay).

The garden is wonderful in all seasons and the whole complex requires at least half a day for a complete visit.

View of Sakurajima island from the garden

Along with souvenir shops and other amenities, we find the residence of the last lords of the Shimadzu clan, one of the most important in Japanese history. So much so that today Shimadzu is a company and one of the longest-lived ones in the world at that: it manages, together with other businesses, the garden and all the structures of the complex, which includes the must-visit laboratory of precious glasses and crystals.

Here you can see how the glass is worked step by step, until it becomes an object of the highest value! The tradition of crystals is due precisely to the Shimadzu clan which, once in contact with the European powers, understood that they should produce a very high quality type of good to be used in trade. Here, in fact, we find some colonial-style buildings, homes and places of negotiations witnessing this past.

Beautiful creations at the laboratory

Like many other Japanese cities, Kagoshima suffered during the bombings of World War II and, in one of these air raids, the Shimadzu complex was heavily damaged. The glass laboratory and crystal-making techniques have been sadly lost.

However, the citizens of Kagoshima managed to recover the business, starting to produce again relying on the remaining pieces: a noteworthy example of resilience that shows Kagoshima's strength in overcoming all calamities and the desire to demonstrate the value of this city to the world!

Kagoshima really has a lot to offer and it awaits you to show you all its beauty!

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