Introduction of Nakashima Sake Brewery

Nakashima brewery

Nakashima brewery is located in the beautiful and mountainous Gifu prefecture, in the center of Japan’s main island Honshu.

In 1702, 1st generation Nakashima Kozaemon started brewing sake by making use of annual tribute rice. Later, in 1953, the 12th generation head of the family Nakashima Kozaemon established a corporation, which started brewing sake in 1997. They set out a direction to increase the ratio of ‘tokutei meishou’ (special premium sake).

Brewing process

In the year 2000, Nakashima launched a new signature brand: "Kozaemon". They hereby released a total of 7 types, mainly pure rice and 3-year-old sake.

Two years later, Nakashima asked farmers to grow and harvest sake rice in Mizunami to make their sake from. Using this locally produced rice, named Mizunami rice, Nakashima started producing two types of "Kozaemon Junmai Ginjo". Not much later they also started creating more aged sake, and entering head-to-head competitions in the pure rice category (such as an 80% rice polishing rate). In 2009 Nakashima started using the traditional ‘Kimoto’ style of brewing using various types of rice, from 2010 also including the famous ‘Yamada Nishiki’ rice.

Rice used by Nakashima

2007 saw the start of Nakashima’s overseas export. By 2013 the overseas market had expanded to include deals with 24 countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, USA, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Nakashima’s products

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