A Fairy tale World - đź“Ť Yufuin, Oita

Lake Kinrin

Yufuin is one of the great day trip destinations from Fukuoka. You can take “Yufuin no Mori”, the most charming sightseeing train that runs from Hakata via Yufuin to Beppu. The interior of the train is elegantly designed, the carriages are covered with wooden floorboards, the walls and chairs are green; it’s really like being in the forest. That’s why the train is called Yufuin no Mori, “The Forest of Yufuin”.

Yufuin no Mori train

Yufuin Floral Village is one of the top tourist destinations in Yufuin. It's like a small theme park based on the Cotswolds area in England, where the famous movie “Harry Potter” was made. This place is so fantastic and filled with things to do! No doubt if you visit this place, you will have no choice but to take out your camera to capture some pictures to share on your social media.

Charming Yufuin Floral Village

Not far from Yufuin Floral Village, you can also visit the beautiful Lake Kinrin. You will be able to snap some spectacular photos with Lake Kinrin in the background from some of the nearby piers.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to put Yufuin in your Kyushu trip itinerary as a must-see destination!

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