Introduction of Shata Shuzo (Shata Sake Brewery)

Shata Shuzo brewery in winter

Shata Shuzo was founded in 1823 in Hakusan city, Ishikawa prefecture. The flagship brand is ‘Tengumai’.

Most of the sake at Shata Shuzo is brewed using the “Yamahai Method” (that is, using a traditional yeast starter). In the 1960’s, the seventh generation brewery owner, Toshiro Shata, and the master brewer, Saburo Naka, devoted all their heart and soul in restoring Tengumai’s original Yamahai yeast starter production method. This tradition has been passed on and careful modifications have been made every year.

At Shata Shuzo, we aim to brew rich, bold and high quality sake by specializing in the Yamahai method. We pursue the ideal of “making delicious sake that is crafted by skilled brewers, and of passing on the heritage of true sake brewing traditions”.
The Master brewer imparts skills to the young brewers. However, it is not simply just passing on skills, but the young brewers are encouraged to create new traditions by closely observing every nuance and decision from the master brewer. Sake brewing is complex and it takes several years for brewery workers to learn the basics of sake brewing. It will take years before the workers start to understand the true nature of sake brewing.

Our sake is brewed by skilled brewers and nature working together. Tengumai sake is brewed with the spring water from sacred Mount Haku and using rice from the Kaga plains. Always remembering the blessings of nature, we want to continue brewing sake by passing on the joy of crafting sake along with the skills learned from our ancestors to the next generation.

Shata Shuzo brewer

Shata Shuzo’s company policies are as follows:

  1. -We aim to brew delicious sake and to carry on the hand crafted traditional culture of the Noto-toji Master Brewer’s Guild. (Note: Noto is one of the four largest brewing guilds in Japan)
  2. -We aim to provide the world with sake that truly expresses the essence of Japanese culture including especially the culture of Japanese food.
  3. -We aim to brew sake in a way that brings pride and joy to our local community.
  4. -We treasure all our customers and business partners.
  5. -We collaborate with farmers that provide us with sake rice that can brew high quality sake.
  6. -We treasure the blessings of the spring water from sacred Mount Haku and pass on these blessings to the next generation.
  7. -We aim to create a working environment that can provide happiness to our employees and their families and that will encourage our employees to embody the spirit of truly handcrafted sake.
  8. -We aim to continue to brew sake close to sacred Mount Haku.


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