Introduction of Asama Shuzo (Asama Sake Brewery)

Asama Brewery sake barrels

Asama Brewery Co., Ltd. was founded in the Kansei era (1789 -1801) after the eruption of Mt. Asama in the 3rd year of Tenmei. It is a brewery in the western area of Gunma prefecture, which is located in a region where cold air blows over from the Sea of ​​Japan.

In addition to the brewery, we’ve created the sightseeing drive-in "Asama Brewing Tourism Center", located in Naganohara Town, the gateway to the famous hot spring "Kusatsu Onsen", functioning as a shop for local liquor and homemade confectionery, restaurant and Gunma travel station.

Brewery background and essential ingredients

Brewing process

The brewery that makes the best use of the individuality of the land
Asama Brewery has a brewery in the lush green Naganohara town, where 80% of the town is surrounded by mountains.

At an altitude of about 600 meters, we are pursuing the one and only sake that can only be brewed in this area by taking advantage of the soft water flowing from the mountains and the dry environment that brings out the flavor of ‘koji’ (sake ‘starter’).

Local rice

Asama’s sake rice

Just as wine makers grow their grapes, we also wanted to cultivate "true local sake" from local rice.

With that in mind, Asama Brewery started cultivating sake rice in 2011. "Kairyo Shinko" is a sake rice that was selected from various varieties. The 5th generation owner fell in love with the standing appearance of these rice ears, now familiar to the land of Naganohara.

We plant more every year in order to deliver the "true local sake" of the Asama Brewery to everyone.

Liquor that goes well with the best vegetables in Japan

Asama brewery sake

Asama Brewery’s base of operations, Gunma Prefecture, is one of the few inland prefectures in the island country of Japan.

Instead of produce from the sea, there are many delicious vegetables such as summer plateau vegetables and autumn mushrooms. Boiled, roasted, steamed, pickled ... Vegetables that can be arranged in any way with various cooking methods and all seasonings are our staple food. Because we are a brewery of Gunma, our product concept is "Liquor that goes well with the best vegetables in Japan".

Alcohol alone may be modest. However, we are aiming for a liquor that compliments your usual meals and that will stay with you for a long time, something that you will never get tired of drinking.

* In August 2020 , Asama Brewery's sake acquired vegan certification.
(Domestic = NPO corporation Veggie Project Japan, overseas = The Vegan Society)

From start to finish

Even after production, we believe that delicious liquor can only be made if the people involved in brewing take responsibility for storage and shipping management. Asama Brewery's commitment is to consistently carry out everything from rice production to preparation, storage, shipping management, and delivery to customers.

Asama brewery

The history of sake brewing that has been passed down from generation to generation, the plateau vegetables that are the blessings of the mountains of Gunma, and the liquor that is alive with the traditional culture of local brewers...

We feel that each of our liquors comes with a story and is colored by the culture of Gunma, and we hope this will make you enjoy it even more.


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