Enjoy cycling with great nature - 📍Lake Toya, Hokkaido

Reflections on lake Toya

Lake Toya is in the southwestern region of Hokkaido and close to the famous Niseko ski resort area.

The best time to see the autumn leaves of Lake Toya is from early October to early November, and if you have time, we recommend cycling to enjoy the great nature of Lake Toya! The shore of Lake Toya, which has a circumference of about 40 km, is a good environment for cycling. There are also many photo spots, such as "Silo Observatory" and "The Eight Views of Lake Toya".

Cycling around the lake

Also, when the weather is nice, Nakajima Island in the middle of Lake Toya will reflect with water, and you can see a spectacular view as shown in the first photo! If you visit Hokkaido, we propose that you go cycling around Lake Toya!

Lake Toya viewpoint

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