A healing temple full of cats - 📍Nyan-Nyan-Ji Temple, Kyoto

Nyan-Nyan-Ji Temple interior

The chief priest is a cat. Did you know that there is such a temple in Kyoto?

Nyan-Nyan-Ji Temple is located in the peaceful Yase area, along the narrow road leading to Ohara in the northern part of Kyoto City. It’s written as 猫猫寺 and read as "Nyan-Nyan-Ji" ('nyan' being the sound cats make, in Japanese).

Nyan-Nyan-Ji Temple exterior

When you look into the old Japanese countryside house, you will find many cat figurines and goods. You will certainly see the world of cats when you enter here.
It's actually a temple-style art gallery, but a cat dressed as a priest will welcome you. It's irresistible for cat lovers!!!
There are also red ink stamps (Goshuin), fortune slips (Omikuji), and good luck charms like a temple.

Cat priest on duty

If you come to Kyoto, why don't you go visit this priestly cat?

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